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P E N N Y P R E S S:   A series of music videos about American history.

Temporary Insanity, James Fuller, Brittany Strickland, Patrick Rusk
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, Haley Sung, Ellie Ann Fenton
Moon Landing, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, Patrick Rusk, Kristin Nicolaisen


In 1857, Congressman Daniel Sickles killed his wife’s lover and got off scot-free by using the first-ever plea of temporary insanity. 


One of the earliest instances of click-bait. Child bride Peaches Browning and prominent citizen “Daddy” Browning’s divorce was tabloid fodder in the 1920s, due in large part to their complicity with the press during the advent of tabloid journalism.


One hundred and forty six workers died in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory when a fire broke out on March 25, 1911.


The Moon landing, July 20, 1969.

Monarchs "Arm's Length"

Peaches Browning, Noel Wells, Ellie Ann Fenton

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